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FY 23/24 Dues and

Good morning, homeowners, there are a few things i would like to address with you this morning. First the FY 23-24 HOA dues will be sent out by Monday the 16th of October and will have a due date of November 15th, 2023. These invoices will be sent via the e-mail address associated with the one in If you would prefer to have your invoice mailed to you via USPS, please contact the village manager (James) @ so that they can be sent out.

Over the past year there has been some confusion on how to navigate your account and see all open invoices. A step-by-step document has been developed for you and posted on the CNPOA website under members section, go to the Information and Documents portion and there will be a B and click the download button where you can either print it or save it to assist you in navigating your account.

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