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Lynn Davis
Sep 12, 2020
Mark, Rick, Putting off discussion of alcohol use in the Lodge will not change the facts or relieve you and the Board of its responsibility in misleading members as to the CNPOA liability insurance coverage. In April 2020, the Board approved a motion, made by Tony Robinson and seconded by Rick Thomas: Association members may bring alcohol for consumption at the Lodge, however, they are solely responsible for the consumption of alcohol by themselves or their guests…. The Minutes show no discussion of insurance coverage, but the motion suggests the belief that those consuming alcohol would be responsible if damages were to occur. Director Thomas in Resolution #2 on the Official Ballot: Approve the Current Policy of Consumption of Alcohol at the Lodge, stated: “WHEREAS, the CNPOA maintains insurance coverage that covers the legal use of alcoholic beverages for personal use by individual Members and their guests at the Lodge.” The background information submitted to this resolution reiterated that the Association’s insurance policy covered membership consumption of alcohol at the Lodge. We now know, from Board members, that the CNPOA insurance coverage is is for host insurance, which means only for CNPOA sponsored events, and when all CNPOA members would be invited. Members were asked to vote on a resolution based on incorrect information about the CNPOA insurance liability coverage. The vote in favor of the resolution is now in question, as are the Board’s actions. The right way ahead is for the Board to discover what insurance is available for the personal use of alcohol at the Lodge, with the costs, and bring back to members the results for their consideration and approval. Given the member votes, this is not for the Board to do on its own. Lynn

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