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Invoices for 2022-2023 Annual Dues

Dear Cobbly Nob HOA Member

As discussed in the annual meeting, we transitioned our accounting services to a local firm, the KF group. As part of this transition, the KF group will send invoices and collect payments for your annual dues. We’re excited to share that we are moving to, an electronic bill pay service to help facilitate the annual dues process.

Invoices for 2022-2023 annual dues will be sent electronically to members who have an email listed on their account.

  • You should receive an email from by the end of September (sample email below)

  • The email will go to the email address listed on your CNPOA account

  • Please check your junk or SPAM folders

  • Click on the “pay electronically” OR you can open the attached invoice in PDF format and use the link on the bottom to “pay online”

  • You will need to register with if you don’t already have an existing account

  • Go to your payment portal and follow “Pay Outstanding Bills”

  • You can pay your bill directly on via ACH (your bank account) for free . You will need to set up your bank account for payment and submit the payment

If we don’t have an email address for a member, we will continue to send paper invoices. If you’re not sure if we have your email address on file, need to update your information, or prefer to opt out of electronic billing and continue with paper invoices and payments, please contact the CNPOA administrator at by September 29th.

If you do not receive an email from by September 30th, please reach out and let us know by October 5th so we can correct your information and send you the invoices. Regards, CNPOA Administrator

Please see below Sample email that you will receive

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