Welcome to Cobbly Nob

We are always glad to have new members join Cobbly Nob.

Here is the current 2021-2022 membership info.

Cobbly Nob Fees and Dues

  • Fees - Home $1577 - Condos - $1263 - Lots - $488

  • We are on a fiscal year of Sept 1 thru Aug 31

  • We bill annually

  • Bills go out in late Sept and are due by Nov 1

  • There is a transfer fee of $250 per property for a sale (as of Sept 1, 2021)

  • To find the current dues owed by property email admin@cnpoa.org

Utilities in Cobbly Nob

  • Cable/Internet

    • Comcast/XFINITY​

  • Electricity​

    • Sevier County Electric​

  • Water/Sewer​

    • Webb Creek Utility​

    • 99% of Cobbly Nob is septic, very few places have sewer access

  • Trash

    • ​Trash is taken to the dump by owners​​

    • There are some small business that will come remove your trash

What do you get for being part of Cobbly Nob

Cobbly Nob is a premiere community in the Smoky Mountains

  • We are the only community with 24/7 Security Personnel

  • There are currently 2 outdoor pools in Cobbly Nob

    • Pools are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day​

    • Pools are secured by a key card for Members Only

    • We will soon began a remodel on our 3rd Pool Area

  • Roads are all Private and are maintained by Cobbly Nob

    • We pave and repair roads, shoulders and culverts​

    • We blow leaves, cut trees, salt and plow snow and ice

    • Personal driveways are maintained by individuals

    • Street signs and directional arrows are maintained by us

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Check out a Map of the

Cobbly Nob Community.

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Cobbly Nob Security Department

For Cobbly Nob Security Issues

Call (865) 430-3275

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Here you can find all the governeing documents the keep Cobbly Nob Serene and Safe.