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Welcome to Cobbly Nob

Thanks for visiting with us.

Cobbly Nob, established in 1971, is a quiet, peaceful, and well-maintained community nestled near the Great Smoky Mountains.

Please respect our private neighborhood.

  • No Hunting

  • No Fireworks

  • No Outdoor Fires (Oct 15 to May 15)

  • No Speeding

  • No Parking on Streets

  • No RV's or Buses

  • No Loud Music/parties

  • Keep Outside noise Minimal.

  • No Alcohol on Cobbly Nob Common Property

  • No Littering

  • Keep Outdoor Trash in Bear Proof Containers

  • Keep Pets on a Leash or Contained.

Things You Should Know

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Check out a Map of the

Cobbly Nob Community.


Cobbly Nob Security Department

For Cobbly Nob Security Issues

Call (865) 430-3275

Rules and Regs.jpg

Here you can find all the governeing documents the keep Cobbly Nob Serene and Safe.

Rental Guest, always make your rental management company your primary contact for additional information.

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