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2021-2022 Board Member Nominations

CNPOA Board Member Election Process

Election and Terms

CNPOA Board of Directors consist of 9 elected representatives chosen by Cobbly Nob members. Each Director is elected for a 3 year term. Terms of the 9 directors are staggered so that only 3 Directors change each election cycle. This enables the Board to have a sense of continuity to Board decisions and projects.

A Director may not serve more than 2 terms consecutively.


Beginning May 1st, 2021 the Secretary of the Association will begin collecting Nomination forms. Nomination forms should contain the signatures of at least 3 Association Members and be accompanied by a brief resume of the candidate’s qualifications. All Nomination Forms must be received by May 31st, 2021.

Nomination forms can be emailed, mailed, or hand delivered to the Village Manager or Administrator.

Mailing Address

Cobbly Nob Property Owners

c/o Association Secretary

912 Pine Top Lane

Gatlinburg, TN 37738



Ballots for CNPOA Board of Directors are created and mailed out no later than July 1st. The Ballots will list all the names of candidates that successfully followed the Nomination process. Names on the Ballots will appear in the order the completed nomination forms were received.


The voting members shall cast their ballots as hereinafter described, returning them to the Secretary of the Association no later than August 1. Only a member in good standing shall be entitled to vote in said election.

(1) The member shall vote for each of three Directors by placing an "X" by the names of the candidates for whom he wishes to vote. Cumulative voting is not permitted.

(2) The ballot shall then be placed in the ballot envelope and sealed.

(3) The ballot envelope must be signed by the member in the space provided and shall be mailed or hand delivered to the Secretary of the Association.

Ballots can be delivered to the Lodge via mail or by hand in the ballot envelope provided. All ballots will remain sealed and secured until votes are counted in August.


Officers are chosen by the Board of Directors immediately following the Annual Meeting each year. Officers are nominated and voted on by the 9 Board members. Following the voting the officers are installed at that time.

Below you can find the official CNPOA nomination form.

Application for Board of Directors
Download PDF • 103KB

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