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2021 Pool Season

Pool Cards

Reminder last year we started using a magnetic key card system for the pools. This was an attempt to only allow participating members of CNPOA to use our pools. I believe it was a great success at keeping unwelcome visitors out of the pool areas. Don't forget to have your cards somewhere guest can find them easily. Here is the pool card document if you need to obtain a pool card with instructions on how to request one.

Pool Access Cards (1)
Download PDF • 86KB

Pools Open Soon

Cobbly Nob currently has 2 pools operating.

Golf Creek Pool

3649 Birdie Lane

Little Bit of Heaven Pool

734 Sunshine Trail

Pools are due to open the Friday (May 28) before Memorial Day and Close the Monday of Labor Day (Sept 6).

The pools are open between 9am and Dusk Daily.

New and Improved

Cobbly Nob has recently invested additional money into the pool areas. Look and find the new improvements this year.

Little Bit of Heaven Improvements

Operational Shower with HOT WATER

Epoxy Flooring

Sink with infrared no touch activation system

Large Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser

Deck Stairs leading down to the pool area

You will also find a flattened area about half way down on the right. Next year we plan to make that into a usable space. More to come later.

Golf Creek Pool

Operational Shower with HOT WATER Sink with infrared no touch activation system

Large Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser

Vinyl Flooring

We will also be updating the pool pump room and adding the second bathroom available to the public soon. Also look for some additional landscaping in the area before we are finished.

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Operations Manager
Operations Manager
May 23, 2021

Yes we are making every effort to have the pool open on time.

Replying to

Thanks TJ


With the current state if Lil Bit of heaven pool, is it still scheduled to open for Memorial Day weekend?

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