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CNPOA Amenities Access restriction

The BoD's have motioned and passed a new rule on (25 June 2024) IAW Article VII section 2 in the CNPOA By-laws, that annual dues for each fiscal year that have not been paid within 180 days, access to the amenities (pools, Pickleball/Basketball court) will be revoked and the access card will be deactivated. The Security team will have a list of said properties and will not issue out any replacement cards. When payment has been made via or check mailed and received to 912 Pine Top Lane the access cards will be reactivated.

As I will be actively working to deactivating said property access cards it will be completed by 1 July 2024.

If you have further questions regarding this issue or how to access you account, you can contact the Village Manager at or 865-436-9630.

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