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CNPOA Neighborhood Security Report

Bears, Bears, Bears... Since March 1, 2021 CNPOA Security has had over 60 face to face interactions with nuisance bears. These are interactions from bears breaking into a home through a window to digging into trash containers. These bears have new cubs and come out hungry this time of the year. We do not interact with bears just passing through or resting in the open. We only choose to interact with the bears when they become a nuisance or people are trying to get out of their home.

The bears at times can be brazen and unaffected by honks, yells and other noises and deterrent methods have to escalate. CNPOA Security has several bear deterrent tools at their disposal. We have noise makers (honks, siren, air horns), bear spray, air guns (paintball and rubber balls), shotgun with rubber balls and of course in the worst case scenario our Security Guards are armed. Our Armed Security would only use lethal force if a person was in grave physical danger. We have taken an informal head count of the bears in our area. We have counted 18 bears in our small area. Most of the time bears left to their own devices don't bother people or damage property. Bears become a nuisance when they are fed. Bears become habit forming when finding food. They continue to return to places where food is left out, unsecured homes, unsecured trash receptacles and places of natural food sources. When unnatural sources of food like humans intentionally feed them and trash is left out, bears continue to visit those locations and expect that behavior from other humans. When you then take that away from the bears they can become more aggressive and can damage property and potentially injure people. We have already had to relocate a nuisance bear. This bear began damaging another person's property on the way to an unnatural food source. To prevent the loss of a life of a bear the TWRA trapped and relocated the bear. This bear will now have to find new natural food sources and acclimate itself to its new environment. Please consult the website for more information about how to respond to bears in the wild. We all love to see our bears safe and secure in the confines of Cobbly Nob, but we have to remember a Fed Bear is a DEAD Bear. Party Time at Cobbly Nob Recently in Cobbly Nob there was a party that could be heard in various places on the Mountain. We searched all over Cobbly Nob to locate this noisy nuisance, to no avail. We then began to head up Pinnacle Vista to see if the noise was coming from somewhere outside our boundaries. Once we got to the top of the road we could no longer hear all the noise and could still not find the culprit.

Please understand Cobbly Nob Security does everything they can to keep Cobbly Nob Safe, Secure and Serene. There is not a designated "Quiet Time" in Cobbly Nob. All the time is "Quiet Time". We do our best in keeping noise in this area to a minimum. Do your part to maintain the peaceful environment. We thank you.

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Darrel Donatto
Darrel Donatto
May 20, 2021

Thanks much to the awesome security team at Cobbly Nob.


Thank you very much for all the information included in this Email. Very informative.

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