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Proposed Budget FY23/24

"Good Morning homeowners. You should be receiving the proposed 2023/2024 budget which was distributed on Monday, July 31st. We have identified a typo in the version distributed. It does not affect the actual figures as it was not included in the sub-totals or final budget total. You will see an entry of $30,000 under the line for Professional Services in the 2023/2024 column. This cost was reclassified and included in the maintenance expense category as it pertains to our new 3rd party landscape maintenance provider. Please ignore the entry under professional services. Again, it has been appropriately excluded from both the professional services subsection and the total budget as those dollars are captured in maintenance expenses as the bulk of the $32,000 in general maintenance supplies and services. Our apologies for the misprint and any confusion this may have caused."

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