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Tanker 72 lost in Wears Valley/ Hatcher Mountain Fire.

On March 30, 2022, the Pittman Center Fire Department and all Sevier County agencies were called to a fast-moving brush fire in the Wears Valley area. Shortly after arriving at a staging area, PCFD and a few other FD trucks were given an assignment. Once on scene, the brave men fought the fire the best that they could for as long as they could. It came to the point that the fire became so intense that they had to abandon their post and retreat. The only escape route was thru the back of the home and into the woods. Luckily, they were able to escape and get off the mountain. Unfortunately, all the fire trucks got burnt up in the fire that overtook the firefighters. Trucks can be replaced, but loved ones can't. Pittman Center does have insurance on the fire trucks and all the equipment on them. In today's prices, everything has gone up, and the cost of a new fire truck and equipment is no different.

They are a 501 C (3) non-profit organization, who's primary funding comes from our county government, fundraiser dinners, boot drives, and also donations from great people like you. Every penny is used to pay insurance on the buildings, equipment, truck payments, training, truck repairs, equipment purchases, everyday bills like electric, gas and diesel fuel for the trucks, propane for heating the stations, phone and the list of expenses goes on.

If you would like to donate you can at or

Thank you again for anything you can donate, it is very much appreciated, and it will help in ways that you can't imagine.

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